People working on civil law contracts make up a large proportion of people employed in Poland. Some agree to them because they have no other choice, others willingly take advantage of the benefits of working on a work contract or a mandate contract. Regardless of whether this form of employment is or is not our dream, it can cause problems.

These appear among others if you want to take out a loan. Banks look unfavorably at clients working on the basis of civil law contracts and are reluctant to grant them financing. And how do parabanks approach people employed under civil law contracts? What is the relationship between the loan and the mandate contract?

Is an employment contract a necessity?

Is an employment contract a necessity?

No law says that loans and credits can only be granted to people employed under a contract of employment. However, banks’ preferences in this regard are clear. They look more favorably at people who can boast of an employment contract. Moreover, a common requirement is that the employment period be indefinite. These conditions are difficult for many people, especially young people who are just starting their careers. Their loan applications are therefore rejected, motivated by the fact that they may have difficulties repaying the debt, e.g. as a result of sudden loss of job without notice or lack of income on sick leave.
The banks’ reluctance to persons employed on the basis of civil law contracts made them increasingly more willing to use the services of loan companies. Here, the relationship on the loan line and the mandate contract is very good. Parabanks willingly provide financing for both commission and work contracts.

Check what else is the difference between a loan and a loan?

A loan without an employment contract – is it possible?

A loan without an employment contract - is it possible?

No employment contract is unequivocal, but you cannot obtain financial support. This is what parabanks are happy about. For short-term loans and those for small amounts, they do not require employment or income statements – it is only necessary to provide this information yourself in a declarative manner. This means that you don’t have to explain to the parabank where and under what conditions you work and how much you earn. The lack of such formalities not only makes it easier to take out a loan under the commission contract, but also significantly speeds up all formalities. In addition, a quick non-bank cash loan can be taken online.

Loan and mandate contract – what problems can you face?

Loan and mandate contract - what problems can you face?

Experience and practice suggest that by selecting employment under a mandate contract in your loan application, you will not encounter any unpleasantness or problems. Companies providing payday loans via the Internet do not verify the identity of the employer, the number of contracts held at one time, the duration of employment in one company. Of course, the applicants working in a large company and “not jumping from flower to flower” will always be considered more credible – however, this is not a mandatory requirement.

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