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As soon as the first warm rays of the sun are out, motorcycle fans get their machines out of the garage and take a spin. But what to do if not only the machine for the jaunt is missing, but also the money to buy it? A credit for the motorcycle is needed. A summary is on

The cornerstones of a motorcycle loan

The cornerstones of a motorcycle loan

A good motorcycle usually costs between 10,000 USD and 15,000 USD. A proud price that has to be paid first. For this reason, most traders offer a financing option in addition to conventional credit institutions. It is therefore advisable to compare and test a little more in advance with whom you can take out the desired loan. The motorcycle dealer can be assumed to work with different banks for a motorcycle loan.

Their terms can differ just as they do with a loan that you can take out with any other bank. Sometimes the interest rate fluctuates quite clearly or there are processing fees. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the financing does not exceed the time frame for using the motorcycle. Nobody likes to pay off something that is no longer in their possession and that they no longer use.

Key data for the loan

Key data for the loan

The rates of the loan should be chosen so that they are below 15% of the monthly net income. If possible, funding should be replaced as soon as possible. If the borrower is already paying off other loans, the possible rate for the motorcycle must be adjusted accordingly. A residual debt insurance, which is often offered and is usually quite expensive, is only worthwhile if the loan is high enough and if the borrower also fulfills all the conditions for it.

This includes, among other things, work that is subject to compulsory insurance and that must not be suspended at the time the insurance is taken out. Only then would the insurance cover in the event of serious illness, unemployment or even the death of the borrower.

Once you have found the right offer and decided to do so, the loan amount is usually ready for payment after days and the beloved motorcycle can be bought.

Loan and commission contract – will I get the money on the bank? Fri, 06 Mar 2020 23:04:15 +0000 continue reading]]>

People working on civil law contracts make up a large proportion of people employed in Poland. Some agree to them because they have no other choice, others willingly take advantage of the benefits of working on a work contract or a mandate contract. Regardless of whether this form of employment is or is not our dream, it can cause problems.

These appear among others if you want to take out a loan. Banks look unfavorably at clients working on the basis of civil law contracts and are reluctant to grant them financing. And how do parabanks approach people employed under civil law contracts? What is the relationship between the loan and the mandate contract?

Is an employment contract a necessity?

Is an employment contract a necessity?

No law says that loans and credits can only be granted to people employed under a contract of employment. However, banks’ preferences in this regard are clear. They look more favorably at people who can boast of an employment contract. Moreover, a common requirement is that the employment period be indefinite. These conditions are difficult for many people, especially young people who are just starting their careers. Their loan applications are therefore rejected, motivated by the fact that they may have difficulties repaying the debt, e.g. as a result of sudden loss of job without notice or lack of income on sick leave.
The banks’ reluctance to persons employed on the basis of civil law contracts made them increasingly more willing to use the services of loan companies. Here, the relationship on the loan line and the mandate contract is very good. Parabanks willingly provide financing for both commission and work contracts.

Check what else is the difference between a loan and a loan?

A loan without an employment contract – is it possible?

A loan without an employment contract - is it possible?

No employment contract is unequivocal, but you cannot obtain financial support. This is what parabanks are happy about. For short-term loans and those for small amounts, they do not require employment or income statements – it is only necessary to provide this information yourself in a declarative manner. This means that you don’t have to explain to the parabank where and under what conditions you work and how much you earn. The lack of such formalities not only makes it easier to take out a loan under the commission contract, but also significantly speeds up all formalities. In addition, a quick non-bank cash loan can be taken online.

Loan and mandate contract – what problems can you face?

Loan and mandate contract - what problems can you face?

Experience and practice suggest that by selecting employment under a mandate contract in your loan application, you will not encounter any unpleasantness or problems. Companies providing payday loans via the Internet do not verify the identity of the employer, the number of contracts held at one time, the duration of employment in one company. Of course, the applicants working in a large company and “not jumping from flower to flower” will always be considered more credible – however, this is not a mandatory requirement.

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Credit 12000 dollars loan comparator save more money Thu, 05 Mar 2020 22:57:57 +0000 continue reading]]>

Since the beginning of 2018, interest rates for consumer credit have remained close to their historic low. The timing is probably optimal to replace your old car or to do work in your home. Your need of 12000 dollars will then take the form of a fixed interest rate loan.

When you want to borrow 12000 USD


It is important to remember that this amount is regularly promoted. Savings to be realized will be substantial provided you access the right offers.

Over a period of 36 months or more, interest rates are currently around 4% depending on the promotional offers.

However, if the rates are currently low, the credit is not so easy, the number of rejections remains important for technical reasons and cyclical. Since all lenders do not have the same acceptance criteria, it is essential to compare and solicit several organizations to give their file the best chance of success.

Comparing $ 12,000 in credit means saving more

Comparing $ 12,000 in credit means saving more

To borrow without comparing is to take the risk of paying much more for one’s credit since the scales for twelve thousand dollars borrowed vary from simple to double. Comparing offers, however, is tedious in terms of credit because some online establishments play on the ground of opacity by not delivering online offers freely.

Soliciting your bank may seem like a natural solution but most often, you will be asked to make an appointment with your advisor.

To save both time and money, the easiest way is to compare the specialized organizations in a modern and instantaneous way. using Credit Comparator. Simply fill out the personal form. Two to three minutes are required. This unique form is complete and validated by all listed organizations.

The results and the comparison appear in a clear table


Once the personalized form is completed, you will see the list of all the establishments with the exact monthly payments, the APR for a loan of 12000 $ corresponding to your profile.

You select the establishments that will receive your application and it’s over!

The answers are sent to you very quickly on your email (organizations know they are competing)

The sequel belongs to you. You will be able to give a favorable result or not to each offer, without any obligation, nor expenses.

The online credit comparator is easy to use and will allow you to avoid missing one-off offers that regularly affect credits of 12,000 dollars.

To summarize

    • The comparator credit saves considerable time compared to ‘old-fashioned’ research which consists in comparing one by one all the establishments or to consult faithfully its banker for proposals of credit less competitive.
    • The comparator credit compares up to 10 specialized organizations at a time to borrow 12000 dollars
    • The comparator makes money. Savings on your future monthly payments are immediately visible in a table that does not hide anything

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Credit Loss Insurance – Do I Need It? Sat, 01 Feb 2020 23:33:39 +0000 continue reading]]>

When you take out a loan, you enter into a long-term obligation to repay monthly amounts. During this time, unforeseen events can always occur that affect your ability to repay your loan. For this purpose, there is the possibility of taking out credit insurance that offers financial security with regard to loan repayment in specific situations. We take a look at the arguments for and against credit default insurance.


Credit Loss Insurance – What Is It All About?

Credit Loss Insurance - What Is It All About?

A credit loss insurance is often also referred to as residual debt insurance or installment default insurance. It is used to repay due personal loans or business loans if a borrower is insolvent through no fault of his own or can no longer service the outstanding installments.

The borrower takes out credit insurance in addition to the current loan agreement. Even if there is no legal obligation, some providers link the lending to the condition of taking out default insurance.


Who benefits from credit default insurance?

credit default insurance?

Credit insurance offers security for both sides – lender and borrower.

For lenders, installment loss insurance means a reduction in the credit default risk and thus also planning security for the company.

Credit insurance offers borrowers the opportunity to protect themselves against unexpected changes in life. Above all, this includes unemployment, incapacity for work or death. Most of the time you have the choice to protect yourself against individual cases or to take advantage of the complete protection. Depending on the scope of protection, the cost of insurance is also determined.


Take out credit default insurance or not?

credit loan

This question cannot be answered with a general yes or no. Taking out credit insurance can make sense, but should be decided on a case-by-case basis. Because how rewarding a loss of payment insurance is depends not least on your own financial situation and willingness to take risks as well as family circumstances.

In the event of an emergency, there is always an argument in favor of taking out insurance in general. This also applies to credit insurance.

In times of economic downturn, the probability of unemployment increases. Even if social security in Switzerland is above average in such a case, there is a significant drop in income. The assumption of monthly credit installments can create the necessary financial scope here.

Nobody foresees serious illnesses or even death. Even in such a scenario, it is important that the financial situation has no negative effects for yourself or even family members.

In principle, it makes sense to hedge large amounts of credit, such as home loans. Insurance protection is also recommended for loans with long terms, since the risk that there will be a significant change in living conditions is significantly higher. Helvetia insures installment payments of up to $ 2,000.

However, insurance is often not worthwhile for small loans. Then it makes the loan amount significantly more expensive than it offers additional protection.

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Education loan for apprentices. Sun, 12 Jan 2020 09:11:57 +0000 continue reading]]>

The educational loan is independent of any existing German State Funding funding: it can therefore be granted in addition to a German State Funding loan. In vocational training, there are many trainees who want to take out a loan. Both the own assets and the income of the parents or spouse are taken into account. A private student loan for a carefree education. Easy funding for students and apprentices with a private education loan.

Educational loans for trainees and students

Educational loans for trainees and students

The education loan is the chance of a state-subsidized, low-interest offer to support students, trainees and full-time trainees. The educational loan is independent of an existing German State Funding grant. It can therefore be awarded in addition to a German State Funding loan. In contrast to the German State Funding loan, the educational loan is independent of the income and assets of the children and adolescents to be supported.

For whom can a student loan be applied for? As a rule, only those training courses / studies that are within the meaning of the Federal Law on Vocational Training (German State Funding) can be supported: in other words, colleges, vocational schools (but not as part of the system of dual training) and ( technical) universities. However, the education loan is intended for people in the continuing education phase, so that the following conditions are met:

Education loan runs for a maximum of 24 months

Education loan runs for a maximum of 24 months

Pupils who have completed vocational training or are in the second or fourth year of vocational training. It must therefore be a vocational training. The education loan is only valid until the age of 36 and until the end of the 12th

The education loan runs for a maximum of 24 months with monthly installments of 300 USD each. For a larger project, the amount may also be paid in advance for a maximum of 6 years (“1800 USD”). The interest rate for the loan is based on the European Union. 

The effective interest rate for the education loan was therefore 4.10% on 01.04.2006. The repayment is made in monthly installments of 120 USD, but also an early full or partial repayment is possible. From whom is the education loan financed? Further information and the possibility to apply for a student loan can be obtained.

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It is interesting to know how the score is calculated in the credit bureau, but prior to this it is good to know its importance. The figure that shows the score is a score that shows the information of a person’s credit behavior.

This is why it can be said that it is positive or negative whether or not credits and services are paid under the responsibility of the user. Thus, the bureau’s rating is defined as: low, regular, good and excellent, according to the respective calculated score.

The ranges are: Low 300 to 550; Regular 551 to 650; Good 651 to 750 and Excellent 751 to 850.


Score calculation in the credit bureau

Score calculation in the credit bureau

For the calculation of the credit classification there are platforms that report as FICO, but the Credit Bureau also does it. The different factors involved are mentioned:

  1. The first and most important factor is to pay for all the products that are available in a timely manner. Simply forgetting or stop paying for a product on time decreases the rating.
  2. The second in importance is the level of indebtedness, since each credit or service weighs according to its debt. For example, if you have two credit cards with the same quota, but you have used more than one. So the one that has been used most significantly affects the credit rating.
  3. The following is the amount of the payment made monthly. Well, if you can cancel a total of a purchase, it is better than paying only the minimum amount. The person who has a good handling of their products, has more opportunities to acquire new services after canceling the ones he has.
  4. The amount of inquiries made to the credit history in the user’s credit bureau affects the credit rating.
  5. The time you have been registered in the credit bureau helps for an excellent rating. That is, the older you register, the better the benefit of the score.


The main thing for tranquility …

credit score

If the aforementioned is taken into account, there will be no financial discomfort, since it is not conditioned on the qualification. And much less now that he knows how the score is calculated in the credit bureau.

Advantages of long-term loan Wed, 01 Jan 2020 23:37:21 +0000 continue reading]]>

Introduction to long-term loans

Introduction to long-term loans

It is rare for a consumer or business to have enough cash to invest in large and expensive items, such as a house or car, and long-term loans provide the necessary financing for this type of purchase. Long-term loans can last from three to twenty-five years, and to qualify, the debtor must have a positive credit history, the ability to provide collateral and capital. Provided that these criteria are met, a long-term loan can minimize the impact on operating cash flows, the debtor can take out a loan at a lower interest rate, the company can minimize investor interference, and is an effective way to build creditworthiness.

Advantages of a long-term loan

Advantages of a long-term loan

Cash flow

Capital is a limited resource and investing large amounts in any assets or projects limits the availability of capital for other investments. Long-term loans minimize saving time for investments, and investors are able to realize potential profits faster to offset costs. Although maintaining some cash is important to alleviate unexpected expenses, saving large lump sums is inefficient. Long-term loans increase the flexibility of the investor’s limited capital, enabling its distribution in many investments and minimizing the immediate impact on operational cash flows.

Lower interest rates

Credit institutions accept a high level of risk on long-term loans, which usually requires the borrower to offer collateral. Often, assets for which funds are borrowed can provide security. If the borrower defaults, the asset can be seized or taken over by the lender. The simplest example is a mortgage – the debtor borrows money to buy a house, and also uses the house as collateral. Until the maturity date of this loan – when the debtor becomes the sole owner of the asset – the outstanding payments will evict the borrower and transfer the ownership of the house to the lender.

Minimizes interference with the investor

Searching for private investors and issuing shares are common ways to raise money for potential investments. However, they are also ways to divide the ownership of an enterprise, and thus to redistribute control. Long-term loans are an opportunity to finance potential investments while maintaining control over the company.

In general, long-term loans have a very structured payment process that was designed to meet the borrower’s ability to pay, regardless of unforeseen events. Therefore, making regular payments for a long-term loan will allow an individual or company to build creditworthiness.

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